How is the Canadian dollar’s rise affecting pension plans?

“Given the low price of oil and low Canadian interest rates, I don’t think there was necessarily a perception that the loonie was headed significantly stronger in 2017, so I would imagine a significant chunk of the pension exposure was sitting unhedged,” says Andrew Torres, managing partner and chief executive officer at Lawrence Park Asset Management.

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How would an interest rate boost affect pension plans?

“Investors will be watching closely as speculation ramps up that Canada’s central bank will raise interest rates by 25 basis points on Wednesday.

A modest increase won’t lead to a significant impact on the market in the short term because it has already reacted to the expectations of rising rates in the past few weeks, says Andrew Torres, ‎managing partner and chief executive officer at Lawrence Park Asset.”

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Cash and Savings

How Much Cash is Too Much in Your Portfolio? – Globe and Mail

“There are better things out there than money market accounts,” says Andrew Torres, Chief Investment Officer at Lawrence Park Asset Management in Toronto. The key is finding a balance between being too cautious – in other words, having cash sitting there doing nothing – or the opposite, in which clients scramble to get their money working for them through riskier plays. Investors should look for what Mr. Torres calls the “sweet spot of liquidity versus volatility.”

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CTV News

CTV News: Dual citizens Andrew and Lynn Torres describe their differing views on Thursday’s vote and how it changed their family dynamic.

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